Getting Started
with the Lockbox!

Let's walkthrough all the steps needed to make your first reservation.


Download your IoT app

You're about to experience the cutting edge combination of blockchain and IoT. (Heads up, there might be bugs!) Before you jump onto the NestEgg platform, be sure to equip yourself with the door-unlocking app, noke. You'll need it to open the door.


Open bluetooth locks

Installed as a mobile app, you'll need this to make and use your reservation.

Android App iOS App

Make a Reservation

Finally! Time to use the lockbox!

Once the crowdfund is complete, reservation hours are issued as credits every week to the shared owners. You'll be using your dashboard to claim your credits and make reservations with it.

Make Reservation

To use the VR arcade, make a NestEgg account to make a reservation, which costs €5 an hour. You can find the arcade on the 4th floor. Check out this video to visualize the steps to unlock the door.